Une entreprise durable

Our mission

We aim to create a better world for the future generations, fostering renewable energy production and responsible consumption thanks to efficient funding of projects.

Our objectives

  • To promote a socially responsible approach in terms of production and rational use of energy through professional solutions for energy saving, monitoring, regulation, efficiency and renewable energy production in developed and emerging countries.
  • To offer a sustainable return on investment to owners, institutional and private third-party investors through high profitability of photovoltaic installations for industrial and public buildings.
  • To offer solutions specifically adapted to tropical climates.

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In Europe, roof top photovoltaic installations allow to best use unproductive areas without changing landscapes or affecting agricultural production.

In the Middle East, adapted solutions to humid deserts along the coasts of the Persian Gulf have been specifically developed for United Arab Emirates. For example, self-cleaning frameless panels help keep maximum productivity despite smog and sandstorms.

Storms and hurricane-resisting systems have been developed for islands where oil dependency is total. They allow isolated industries and businesses to reduce their gasoil bills while remaining autonomous. Companies connected to the grid may send any excess production into it, in accordance with local regulations. This approach is particularly favourable in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

In Africa and Asia, standalone photovoltaic installations provide access to the minimum essential hygiene: water purification, power supply to hospitals and access to health care.


To reach this objective, our value proposition is based on three pillars:

  • Project development: renewable energy facilities developed on rooftop or ground-mounted.
  • Energy efficiency: optimization of consumptions supported by energy monitoring services, 
    re-engineering and regulation.
  • Project funding: tailored funding solutions for all type of projects related to renewable energy.